50 Chefs is an invite-only community. 


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+-What is 50 Chefs?

A community that brings together outstanding chefs and discerning diners in search of unique dining experiences.

    +-What is your vision?

    To define and capture a premium niche in the space of culinary tourism. 

    +-What is your mission?

    To accelerate Dubai’s evolution into a culinary capital of the world.

    +-What's in it for me?

    Unique dining experiences that are much better than anything you could possibly get as a regular guest.

    +-What are you actually selling on the website?

    Access to dining experience created and curated by remarkable chefs in their own restaurants.

    +-How do I become a member?

    There are only two steps:

      • Register on this website (click here)
      • Fill-in your unique invite code.

    +-How do I get an invite code?

    There are only two ways:

      • Ask a Gatekeeper for an invite code and skip the waiting list.
      • Make an account and wait for the next time we accept an intake of new members.

      +-What is a Gatekeeper and how do I find one?

      When you make an account on 50 Chefs, you already have access to entry level experiences as a member of The Open Community. To be upgraded, you need to reach out to three categories of Gatekeepers:
        • Only restaurant owners and general managers can give you access to The Inner Circle
        • Only the chefs themselves can give you access to their personal Chef's Circle.
        • Only the founder can give you access to The Founder's Circle.

      +-Why 50?

      Our promise to hardcore members: if you want, you can dine with a different chef every week of the year. Assuming you take two weeks vacation, as most people do. 52-2=50. So, 50 weeks --> 50 chefs. There. Now you know.

      +-Does that mean 50 chefs in every city?

      Wouldn't that be nice? Given our strict selection standards, we would be lucky to find three eligible chefs in every capital city. Most secondary cities do not yet qualify to be featured on our platform. But there are some amazing exceptions, soon to be released.