Izu's Social (paused)

Izu's Social (paused)

The Lighthouse

Dine with Chef Izu at The Lighthouse as his personal guest. The Chef will delight you with a tasting experience featuring his most favourite dishes from the current menu, spiced up with a few off-menu surprises. This will be all about connecting with the Chef and socializing with a few of the other members of 50 Chefs. Update: Izu is currently traveling and does not have any experiences scheduled for the next 14 days.

After opening La Petite Maison, featured on the World’s Best Restaurants list, and La Serre, Izu became an independent Chef working on several projects around the world. In Dubai, he recently opened The Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse is located in Dubai Design District (D3), Dubai, UAE. Free public parking available.

Upfront Payment: i
Paid online to secure your booking. If you cancel, it will break our hearts.
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Final Payment: i
Paid in venue after your experience, in addition to the upfront payment.
Dhs. 420.00 AED

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